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Dave Mulkey, Created with GeoGebra


  1. Move point B to the right, so slope m  = 1 .
    Where is the point now?
  2. Move point A down to (0,0), and move point B to (6,3) .  What is the slope now?
  3. Now that A is at (0,0), try different locations for B and write down the Slope.
      B Coordinates    Slope (m)
          (2,8)               2
          (8,2)            _____
          (1,5)            _____
          (4,6)            _____
    Looking at your values, which of these statements appears to be true?
  4. Now move point A to (2,1).  Make a table like that in #3 (above).  Observing your table, which of these appears to be true?